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I was Unhappy and needed to Embrace Life’s Unexpected Messages

As I embarked on a day cruise with my family in the breathtaking landscapes of Seward, Alaska, little did I know that the universe had a profound message in store for me. It was a chance to immerse myself in the majestic world we inhabit, a world that grants me the privilege of experiencing such wonders in this lifetime. The universe has a peculiar way of communicating with us, and on that day, it chose to speak to me through a seemingly ordinary encounter.

In the first few moments aboard the ship, I found myself engaged in conversation with a stranger who shared a remarkably similar experience. It began simply, with a mutual admiration for each other’s hair. It turned out that both of us had transitioned from having straight locks to embracing the cascading curls that now adorned our heads.

As we delved deeper into our conversation, we discovered a shared journey through the challenges of life, including the loss of loved ones and the turmoil of heartbreaks. We spoke of the painful losses we had endured, the messy breakups that shattered our hearts, and the unrelenting pressure to keep up appearances and maintain composure for the sake of our careers and societal expectations. It seemed as though we were caught in a perpetual cycle of relentlessly pursuing financial wealth, neglecting the other forms of wealth that bring true fulfillment.

I recounted how my life had shifted from conquering mountains on foot to meticulously planning short trips from my bedroom to the kitchen, due to the unbearable pain I experienced from psoriatic arthritis. I got to a place where I chose to forego cutting my hair, as I no longer had the time to style it nor the freedom to indulge in occasional salon visits, along with the fact that I didn’t want to show the patches of psoriasis on my scalp. My days became a juggling act of prioritizing self-care over societal expectations of outward appearance, and trying to keep it all together without falling into despair. I felt a twinge of shame around the superficial thoughts I had behind this, but I knew deep down that my well-being had to take precedence. It bewildered me how something as seemingly trivial as my image could wield such power, becoming a representation of my eroding sense of independence. It was a terrifying realization, and all I could do was muster the strength to keep moving forward day by day.

Initially, I believed that this day cruise was meant to be a respite—a chance for me to relax and find solace in the tranquility of the surroundings. Little did I anticipate that the universe had designed this voyage to be a conduit for existential contemplation. In this remarkable stranger, I found a vessel through which the universe could share its thoughts, its profound questions about life’s meaning. For a moment in time the universe lended me a kindred spirit, a mirror reflecting my own journey. I could only hope that my presence offered her a fraction of the insight and solace she had bestowed upon me.

As the day drew to a close, I found myself inching closer to a transformative revelation. Amidst life’s relentless struggles, our ups and downs, the pursuit of wealth, and the shadows of sorrow, we must carve out moments to cultivate a life that is truly worthwhile. A life infused with genuine joy, infectious laughter, unwavering perseverance, vital rest, and unapologetic self-care.

Gratitude overwhelmed me as I reflected on my friends at home and my family during this journey, who had provided me with the opportunity to unwind. Even though I had initially hesitated to embark on this cruise, I am grateful that I followed through. As I embraced the stunning vistas and connected with this extraordinary stranger, I realized that the true wealth I seek is not measured in material possessions or superficial status, but in the relationships and connections that enrich our souls. Having the right people in our lives, those who can offer us transformative experiences and introspection, is the true wealth I aspire to accumulate in various aspects beyond mere finances. I don’t know what trauma exactly I am still healing from, but I just know that even though I am still hesitant to fully dive in, I am slowly realizing more that these beautiful souls already populate my life, and all I need to do is wholeheartedly accept that the life I yearn to live is one intertwined with these remarkable individuals.

Regrettably, I was unable to reconnect with the extraordinary woman I encountered as our cruise came to an end, and we went our separate ways. Nonetheless, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to her for the profound experience and conversation we shared that afternoon.

Life has an uncanny way of revealing its secrets through chance encounters and unexpected messages. It is during these serendipitous moments that we have the opportunity to confront our struggles, embark on a journey of healing, and find solace in the connection with fellow travelers. It is up to us to be receptive, to embrace these moments of connection and reflection, and to weave them into the fabric of our existence. As I step forward from this cruise, I do so with a renewed sense of purpose—to find balance, to nurture relationships, and to seize every opportunity to create a life brimming with profound experiences, joy, and the serendipitous connections that make our journeys truly extraordinary.

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