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Your Discovery Call: Let’s Elevate You & Your Team!

Congrats on taking this next step in Your Evolution!

These next steps are for YOU, as You are ready to commit to making big changes for a better life experience. I’ve grown to trust in this Discovery Process to find out more about You. I will take Your answers here and tailor the best program to guide You and Your Team’s evolution.

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Your Name
What do You aim to achieve through our time together?
It’s ok if it’s more than one. I know the hustle is real and there are different stressors depending on the industry that you’re in. So this will help me start thinking about possible industry factors.
Feel free to jot down anything else that comes to mind regarding this. How you’re feeling as you’re writing this? All the thoughts and ideas… or lack there of?
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Regarding this Discovery Call: for scheduling, if they are provided and using preference selected, I will reach out via email, text, or phone call. I will space each reach out to a week apart, as not to hound you, but just a gentle invitation for discussion. After the 3rd week, I will stop reaching out unless you reach out to me or we’ve connected about something else.

Regarding future emails: I will add you to our Weekly Inspiration emails list and you will receive a new email on Mondays with different things that we are doing at Center FABLE and things I find that can inspire us to create more healing and happiness in our lives. You can unsubscribe at anytime using the information at the bottom of the weekly emails.