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Unconventional, but Good: Angry Meditation

Are you sick and tired of people telling you to meditate or practice mindfulness but all the things they tell you to do is some calm ass shit that just makes your mind goes WTF???!!!! Before you jump to thinking you can’t meditate or practice mindfulness, humor this for a few minutes. It might be that they are telling you to do something that your brain is not wired to do. I think it’s time to tell the meditative/mindfulness status quo (paint by numbers) to fuck off and let’s find our own way to figure out how our mind really needs from us!

This is going to feel a bit silly and dumb, maybe / maybe not, but humor me and give it a few minutes to listen and just see how it vibes with you.

Whether you listened to this whole video or just a part of it… or maybe you’re like FUCK NO I ain’t listening to this shit! LOL. I’d like to hear your take on this. 

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